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01 November 2004 @ 07:32 pm
I'm probably just a little crazy.  
Okay, probably a lot of crazy. It's NaNoWriMo time and I've decided that I'd really like to participate this year. The reason is twofold, I've got this story idea that's been bouncing around in my head for a few months, and I haven't written anything in ages. Good enough excuse, right?

Of course this will probably end up fizzling out on me as I get crushed under a million different school assignments but I'm optimistic, damn it!

Working title: Breakdown

A transition as soft as a breath, noiseless and gentle picked him up and set him down again without him even being aware. His body never moved, never registered any change, and seemed he seemed quite unaffected by the whole thing.

“Hey, let go of me you—” Al yelled, stopping abruptly when he fully realized the person at which he was yelling had disappeared completely.

When he stopped and actually thought about it, he quickly reasoned that he was the one who had disappeared, or at the very least relocated. His school and classmates had been erased in an exhale of warm air and replaced with his neighborhood. For some reason, this did not strike Al immediately as being extremely out of the ordinary.

The neighborhood was empty and eerily quiet, it was as if everyone had calmly evacuated during the two hours he had been at school. He walked uneasily through the development, the gravel in the road making the only noise on the whole block.

A light breeze caught his dirty blond hair, tossing his bangs into his face and he shuddered involuntarily. His stomach tightened uncomfortably and he found himself jumping at shadows, fully expecting to come across a malicious reason for everyone else’s disappearance.

His body was carrying him deeper into the neighborhood toward his own house, yet his mind felt completely detached and indifferent. It seemed to have given up hope that his current situation would make any sort of sense.

As he walked, though, he became aware of a pair of eyes watching him and he turned to see a yellow-green pair fixed on him, watching him intently. They belonged to a smoky-gray cat which was sitting in the middle of the road and studying him with great interest.

“What do you want?” Al asked it. “I don’t have any food.”

The cat continued staring at him.

“What? What do you want?” he repeated, more irritated. “Well, get lost, then.”

Huffing in annoyance, he turned and resumed walking, hardly noticing he hadn’t really covered much distance since he began. He caught a glimpse of movement in his peripheral vision and looked down to see the cat trotting alongside him.

“I said get lost!” he growled at the cat. He aimed a kick at its rear, but it sidestepped before skittering off behind some houses. “Stupid thing,” he muttered.

He hadn’t gone for more than a minute before he felt a heavy weight fall on his head, landing nimbly and gripping so as not to slip off.

“Hey! What the hell?” he exclaimed, grabbing the fuzzy object which scraped him before being pulled off. “You again?” he said to the squirming cat in his hands. “Scram!” he ordered, tossing it in the grass. “Friggin’ cat,” he grumbled, wiping a little blood off his head where it had scratched him.

“Al,” a voice behind him called, sending an unpleasant chill up his back. He whirled around, but the street was empty as far as he could see.

“Al,” the voice rang again, filling the air around him.

“Wh—who’s there?” he cried uneasily. “Come on, who? This isn’t funny!”

He gasped when he felt something brush up against his leg, but became enraged to see it was the same cat arching up against him.

“You stupid cat, leave me alone!” he screamed, throwing himself at it.

“Hey, now, that’s no way to behave!”

It was extremely well-spoken for a cat.

“What is this? What’s going on?” Al babbled, scrambling away from it.

“Dear, I shouldn’t have done that,” the cat chastised himself.

“This is—this isn’t right,” he stammered.

“Al, please, calm down.”

“It knows my name. It talks and it knows my name. I’m cracking up,” he croaked. “I’ve gone one hundred percent bugfuck insane.”

“No, you haven’t, if you’ll just listen—”

“Listen?” he practically shrieked. “Fuck listening, I’m—wait a minute, wait a minute,” he said, holding up a hand and closely examining the cat. “Blue?”

“Finally, you—”

“Oh my god it’s my old dead cat Blue,” he proclaimed to no one in particular. “It’s my old dead cat and I’ve gone completely off the deep end.”

“You don’t understand! Now calm down, please, before you startle yourself!”

“I don’t think I have to worry about startling myself, you’ve done such a bang-up job of it all ready!”

Suddenly the ground beneath him began to tremor and his head spun violently, making him nauseas.


In a quick blink, his neighborhood vaporized and faded into a dense jungle, leaving Al even more confused and frightened. He stumbled backwards over a large root and fell to the ground.

“This—is—ridiculous!” he yelled, causing birds to fly away in shock.

He stood up angrily and started tearing his way through the undergrowth, streaking his hands with pollen and sap as he ripped plants out of his way. After about ten solid minutes of this, he realized that he hadn’t made much progress and he felt hopelessly lost.

“You know,” he said to himself, “as freaky as a talking cat is, it’s better than being lost alone.”

He looked around, expecting it to pop out from under a bush or drop out of a tree. He waited hopefully for a full minute before he started to worry.

“Here, kitty, kitty, kitty,” he called desperately, ignoring how foolish he felt.

He came up to what seemed to be a solid wall of palm fronds which, when parted, led him back to his neighborhood.

“I don’t believe it.”

“Nor do I. Thank God you found your way back, though,” Blue said, appearing in front of him. “Now, before you get it in your head to run off like that again, I think it would best if I explained things to you.”

“Yeah, I’d really appreciate that.”

The cat cocked his head in thought for a moment.

“I think we ought to head to your house, it’ll be more stable there,” he said.
I'll spare his life but only for you, sugarpants: Miss Whoresoap_committee on November 2nd, 2004 05:47 am (UTC)
Great start! I'll be keeping tabs on yo' updates for this.

*posts with creepy icon out of spite*
Mercury Hatmercury_hat on November 2nd, 2004 01:38 pm (UTC)