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24 September 2004 @ 04:09 pm
This is a reposting of a dream I had way back in April of 2003:

A Public Service Announcement on Behalf of my Soul

The Saturday before Easter Sunday, I had a strange and unsettling dream which I am glad I wrote down as soon as I woke up.

It started out in an old office on a college campus, I think, with three or so professors sitting around, smoking pipes, and chatting. They were my mind’s stereotype of professors; fancy velvet bathrobes, slippers, and pipes sitting in high-back leather chairs and they happened to be discussing the poem “Jabberwocky.”

The reason for this discussion is that either one of the professors or someone else, it’s not clear who, had discovered that the poem “Jabberwocky” had been based on an actual event that had occurred in Britain. Their reasoning for this was that the opening part “’Twas brillig” actually meant “Was Britain,” “brillig” being some other way of spelling or pronouncing the country’s name.

The most remarkable thing about this discovery was that the poet, who for some reason was not Lewis Carroll in my dream, had made a film about the event that had inspired him to write this poem. One of the professors or someone had discovered this film and everyone had gathered to watch it together. So, one person put the film in an overhead projector, no lie, and the following movie began to play:

It was a brilliant spring morning in 1944 and the poet was in Britain observing the Allies develop and test a new type of weapon. It was around this part that I got the strange sensation that I had become the poet so from here on, I was actually in the movie. The opening of the film panned from left to right, giving a spectacular view of a church, trees, a sign which read “Slithy Toves,” more trees, a bridge, and finally some spot far off. The church wasn’t a very large church; it was a lot like a castle being that it was kind of square and had two large, rectangular towers on the front of it. There was a balcony going around the front and about half of the side of the church on the second level in the middle of which stood a life-sized statue of Jesus. In front of the church was what I call a courtyard; it was a large square, all dirt, in the middle of a grassy field, and there were two steps that went all around this square which led down to the middle of it. The first step was even with the field and the absolute middle was about two feet set into the ground, all made of smooth, fine dirt like a baseball diamond. I can’t exactly remember, but there may have been statues on pedestals near at least two of the corners of this courtyard.

So the camera pans over all of this, the sky is bright blue with fluffy white clouds, and the grass is as green as possible and the camera stops on a spot a medium distance away, a field surrounded by trees. All of a sudden, there is an explosion and screaming as a large cloud of smoke or dust comes rushing from this secluded field all the way over to the church and passes through it. People come running over to the church and I decide that seems like the best course of action to take as the aforementioned statues come to life and I think they even killed some people. There is only one thought in my mind, ‘get to the courtyard’ which is what everyone else is trying to do.

I abandon my camera and make a run for the courtyard, I’m closer than everyone else and I notice at the same time that everyone else is wearing odd clothing, but the only one I remember is an ancient Egyptian. I get to the courtyard when all of a sudden the statue of Jesus that had been on the church has also come to life and is in the middle of the courtyard. This is where a small bit of narration begins over the chaos:

“I ran for the church, everybody did, but Jesus got there before me. He was weeping and blood was running in His eyes.”

This is exactly what was happening, plus He was on his knees and praying to God, he may have been calling him ‘Father.’ Then there was this tremendous flash from beneath my feet in the courtyard and the whole square lit up. The light then rushed up and out of the courtyard, passing over me and Jesus harmlessly and shooting into the sky. There was this loud voice that suddenly shouted out:

“There shall be no Gods before me!”

After this, beams broke off from the light and spread out among the people who hadn’t reached the courtyard. The left sides of
their chests glowed and symbols appeared, I definitely think one was a Freemason symbol. These people then screamed and died, dropping to the ground, but I suppose I was still alive and a thought flashed through my mind that only Christians were still alive.

One particular person had a Communist hammer and sickle on his chest which rose into the sky at which point the hammer floated away and the sickle turned into a circle which rushed at the screen, rendering it all black. This was filled by large bubble letters which said, as if it made perfect sense:

Happy Easter, you have one day left to repent.

I'll spare his life but only for you, sugarpants: Toys R Hellsoap_committee on September 24th, 2004 09:20 pm (UTC)
Mercury Hatmercury_hat on September 24th, 2004 09:24 pm (UTC)
Yeah, I know. I was too busy writing it down after I woke to even think that "Jesus Christ something's screwy in my mind!" I just felt weird all day.