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23 September 2004 @ 11:58 am
A dream I had  

So the whole, er, plot, I guess you could say, of this dream was I was traveling around with a serial killer. I was in my early teens, somewhere around 15 or 16 I'd guess and I'm pretty sure I was a guy. He was in his late 20s, not sure how old exactly and I can't remember what he looked like. I wasn't afraid of him at all and we got along really well; the feeling was sort of like a brotherly bond. I don't think we were related, but I can't remember.

Well we ended up traveling to this rural town, the kind whose buildings are from the late 1800s and there's maybe one gas station for the whole place. It had a mid- to south-western feel to it, like in Texas or Arizona.

The big historical attraction for this town was a setup of a gallows, complete with a few nooses hanging down. The setup was right next to the gas station. A piece of thick blue rope had been woven/sewn/glued into the nooses in a sort of spiral fashion, closing them up.

I climbed up on top of one of the nooses, sticking my foot in the hole as best as I could, and swung around on it like a tire swing. I was eventually swinging pretty fast and high.

My companion told me once how he had either married or just gone on a honeymoon with his first, maybe only, wife in that town. He killed her by hanging her with one of the nooses prompting the town to close them up like that. It had been a few years.

I think I asked him why he killed her but he just shrugged or told me "Because".

We were going to spend the night in the town and in a light tone I said "I bet someone's gonna bring that up tonight." I was referring, of course, to the murders and he asked me how I figured that.

"Well, we'll be in a restaurant or bar or something and the topic'll shift to crimes or something, murder or capital punishment, and someone'll say something like 'ooh I can't walk by those gallows no more after what happened to that poor girl' and they'll tell you about the murder." I'm fairly certain there was more to my speech than that, but I can't remember what it could've been.

He made some sort of comment about my wild reasoning and started walking over to a thrift/movie rental store and we started looking around.

Loose threads about this dream (meaning things I remember but don't know where they go):

--We almost definitely had another person traveling with us at some point, he either left or was killed, probably the latter.

--There was something significant about the video store or a video in general, something that had to do with the murder of my companion's wife. He even made a comment on it when we went into the store.

--I remember thinking I wasn't old enough to be in a bar.